Why a Data Fabric matters: Answering the top 3 most FAQs

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Why a Data Fabric matters: Answering the top 3 most FAQs

Thu, 23 Sep 2021, 09:30 AM

01:00 hours




Express Computer


Beate Porst, Program Director, IBM, Data and AI Data

Webinar details:

A data fabric architecture uses AI-driven automation and augmentation to intelligently connect the right data, at the right time, to the right people from anywhere across the enterprise.

However, clients continue to wrestle with the following questions:
+ Who are the users in organizations that are utilizing a data fabric?
+ How exactly does a data fabric enable users to better accomplish their tasks?
+ How does the use of a data fabric compare to legacy architectures?

Join Albert Liang and Beate Porst as they answer these questions. They will examine the value users such as data scientists, business analysts, and data engineers derive by utilizing a data fabric. As they examine a day in the life of these users, they will also explore how a data fabric:

+ Accelerates the delivery of quality and governed data to build models quickly
+ Enable the creation of customized, ad hoc reports with the appropriate data lineage and compliance requirements for performing analytics
+ Delivering data from disparate sources, locations, geographies in a timely and governed manner to the appropriate data consumers
+ Satisfies pertinent regulatory requirements for specific industries.

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