Webinar: Cloud Security or Lack of It: Threat Vector #1

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Webinar: Cloud Security or Lack of It: Threat Vector #1

Thu, 21 Oct 2021, 05:30 AM

01:00 hours




West Advanced Technologies, Inc


Vinod Senthil, Sudheer Kanumalli

Webinar details:
Cloud data breaches are a common occurrence now. Paradoxically, the perceived security of the cloud is one of the reasons for the explosive growth of the cloud. What explains frequent cloud data breaches? Who is ‘actually’ responsible for Cloud Security? What can you do to fortify your cloud?

This webinar explains cloud security, division of responsibility between Cloud Providers and Cloud Users, and outlines different approaches, tools, and service models available. WATI’s cybersecurity experts will provide insights on how cloud exploits typically happen and cover critical protection points in your cloud attack surface.
Who should attend:

C-Suite Executives, CISOs and Security Teams Members of Security Organizations, IT Managers and Architects, Engineers and Developers, Systems/Network/Database Administrators.