Webinar on Data Driven Product Innovation

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Webinar on Data Driven Product Innovation

Thu, 22 Jul 2021, 02:30 PM

01:15 hours




Institute of Product Leadership


Mukesh Jain, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Capgemini India

Webinar details:

In this session, Mukesh Jain will talk about how to go about starting the Data Journey to leverage Power of Data, gain Insights by using Analytics, setup Machine Learning and drive Product Innovation by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. He will share practical aspects of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in everyday life for people to understand it and start exploring opportunities in their business areas and build new features in products to drive better user experience. He will share his ~26 yrs experience of implementing Product Innovation in Microsoft, Jio, NICE, Capgemini and other Fortune500 companies he has consulted. Mukesh has led major Product Innovation powered by Data and will share his experience In this session. Participants will be able to learn about how to go about identifying opportunities and start using Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Products.


Key Takeaways:

1. Current business landscape

2. Understanding User Experience

3. Importance of Data

4. Innovation with Data

5.Competing on Analytics



Mukesh is Capgemini’s CTO & Head of Data Technology for Insights and Data Global Business Unit. He Leads Technology Strategy, Innovation, Architecture Advisory, R&D, Solutions Development in the areas of Analytics & AI across sectors. As a Techno-Biz leader, Mukesh possesses passion for excellence and data driven innovation that drives business value. Prior to joining Capgemini, Mukesh worked as CTO for VFS Global, Vice President R&D for NICE System, Vice President and Head of Analytics Jio and Director of Engineering for Microsoft. He was instrumental for setting up R&D Centre for Microsoft in Bangalore and setup GIC for NICE Systems in Pune. These roles held accountability for building global teams, architecting and developing large scale products and platforms, leveraging deep Analytics and drive outstanding customer experience.

Mukesh has over 23 years of experience in Data Driven Large Scale Software Product Development, DevOps, Digital Transformation and telecommunications. He has extensive expertise across a variety of industry sectors including telecommunications, digital marketing, advertising, media, eCommerce, government, financial services and Education domain.

He is a known figure in the Analytics, ML and AI Domain and is a regular speaker at Major Conferences. He is Advisor and Adjust Faculty at Universities, B-Schools & Engineering Colleges.

Mukesh is Author of 2 books – Delivering Successful Projects and Web Performance Improvement.