Upcoming Webinar Series: Elements of Brand Development

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Upcoming Webinar Series: Elements of Brand Development

Thu, 21 Jul 2022, 06:00 PM

01:30 hours


USD 505


Iris Creative Group

Webinar details:

If work on your organization’s brand is on your to-do list, the Elements of Brand Development Course will jumpstart your process. We’ll cover key stages of evaluating your current brand, including running a communications audit, clarifying your audience, and conducting market research. We’ll conclude with developing a core message, designing your image and managing your brand, because creating it is just the beginning. 

If you are looking for more than just a logo change, this strategic course is for you. The program runs live from July 2022 through December 2022. The recordings will be available through June of 2023, so you have time to watch and rewatch any that you miss.

Follow the link to register today!