Understanding psychology behind designing user experiences

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Understanding psychology behind designing user experiences

Thu, 14 Oct 2021, 02:00 PM

01:30 hours




Sreehitha Gudimella – Product Leader at Decathlon

Webinar details:

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πŸ’‘Topic of Discussion

This webinar will be focused on designing user experiences that will be remembered. It touches upon how human psychology affects the experience and the memory of it.


Key learnings that the participants will explore are:

- Understand how users will remember an experience, with real-time examples.

- Identify moments that matter, to design a better experience.

- Neutralize negative moments to avoid memory of a bad experience

- Online and offline examples of companies like Decathlon designing experiences that delight users.


✨ Facilitator: Sreehitha Gudimella – Product Leader at Decathlon

(LinkedIn profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/sreehithagudimella/)


Sreehitha is a Product Leader. She currently works at Decathlon improving the way we play sport with Decathlon India's sport platform called "AllForSport". She has built community organisations and run market-driven events successfully. She posses good business acumen, analytical abilities, leadership qualities which help her to take on any challenges as opportunities. She is good at managing internal and external stakeholders to overcome challenges and launch products on schedule.


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