Transform your AP process with AI-powered vendor invoice management

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Transform your AP process with AI-powered vendor invoice management

Thu, 26 May 2022, 04:30 PM

01:00 hours




Applexus Technologies


Sandeep Kumar


Richard Pascoe

Webinar details:

Processing an invoice involves an ecosystem that spans multiple functions, with stringent monitoring and tracking ensuring audit requirements and compliance. Many firms have invested significantly in accounts payable automation solutions, but these solutions still require significant manual interventions. In today’s competitive business environment, organizations are compelled to do more with less. Optimizing the accounts payable process is essential to free up trapped working capital.

Automating singular tasks (through RPA, or custom programs) improve the productivity of individuals in AP team. But the best practices advocate for certain capabilities that empower the AP team with holistic management of invoice processing throughout the invoice journey.

In this webinar, our AP experts Sandeep Kumar, Maha Feghali-Vartanians, and Richard Pascoe will walk you through the best practices in the accounts payable process and how you can optimize your overall AP ecosystem. Plus, get a chance to chat and ask live questions.

Key Takeaways

* Adopting a Holistic Invoice Management approach 
* Identifying Process Improvement opportunities for Accounts Payable (AP) 
* Calculating incremental value of an Invoice Management Solution expressed in financial terms(reduced expenses, more savings, increased working capital, and overall cash flow)
* Identifying key capabilities to streamline your AP processes for financial gains
* Curating and selecting a personalized Invoice Management Solution

Who should attend:

Influencer and Decision Makers of Finance Department