Transform Test Automation for Your Oracle Applications (EBS & Cloud) with Test Mining and Autonomous Process Discovery

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Transform Test Automation for Your Oracle Applications (EBS & Cloud) with Test Mining and Autonomous Process Discovery

Thu, 23 Sep 2021, 03:00 PM

01:00 hours




Dimpy Sharma

Webinar details:

- Do you have the right foundation to start testing automation? 

- Do you struggle in identifying the optimum test coverage for your applications?

- Or struggle with identifying the exact change in business processes post updates/releases? 

- Or struggle with your Business User’s time in giving process knowledge during any testing cycle? 

- Are you in your Migration journey and struggling to do assessments across your EBS and Cloud applications? 

- Do you have proper test documentation in place? Organizations often struggle with the above concerns, which is the foundation of embarking on a test automation journey. Moreover, evaluating Testing Automation often raises questions like - 

- How soon can we start? - What if we tell you within a few hours. - Do my business users/functional consultants need to transfer knowledge? 

– What if we tell you “No”. - Do we need to add test data manually? - What if we tell you “It’s all Autonomously added”. 

OpKey presents you an Aspirational Reality with Test Mining Platform for applications like Oracle ERP (EBS and Cloud applications). Business Process Discovery and Test Mining platform from OpKey offers a wealth of capabilities for Oracle Cloud applications. It automatically discovers configurations from your Oracle Cloud platform and generates autonomous tests, further identifying potential interventions that would drive your desired business outcomes. It not only mines your current test processes but also identifies and highlights gaps that need to be addressed for optimum test coverage. 

Join our subject-matter expert Dimpy Sharma, Test Automation Architect, OpKey, and discover functionalities that will accelerate your time-to-value and help you achieve your business goals in a more integrated and efficient way. 

We will be showcasing Test Mining Platform called OpKey Discovery. Some of its key features are: 

- Autonomous Business Process Discovery across Key End-to-End Processes 

- Generation of tests autonomously

- Self-Configuration of tests with relevant data combination

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