Self-service: The secret sauce for improving employee experience

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Self-service: The secret sauce for improving employee experience

Thu, 16 Sep 2021, 09:30 AM

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Webinar details:

With the rapid adoption of digital channels, user expectations have changed completely. This applies to even internal stakeholders. Employees expect the same experience from their internal IT applications as they have been experiencing in other online mediums.

In the current times of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is even more critical, as most employees are working from remote locations. One of the best techniques for ensuring a good employee experience is to provide access to applications or services that help employees to speed up their routine work. Many enterprises have tried to empower employees by providing a self-service portal.

While the intent has been right, the execution has not been satisfactory. Employees still struggle to complete their routine tasks as most self-service portals do not reflect the user experience that is desired by employees who are exposed to popular consumer applications that have raised the bar for user experience.

To help enterprises raise the bar for creating superior employee experiences, Express Computer has partnered with Symphony SummitAI, to host a webinar on 'Re-imagining self-service for creating the best employee experience'. You will be joined by experts and practitioners who will share best practices and perspectives to improve employee experience.

Some of the key points that will be discussed include:
+ Expectations from self-service portals
+ How to create an effective self-service portal that helps employees self-log incidents or service requests
+ How automation can be used to create faster and more effective service resolution
+ Use cases and examples of effective self-service portals