Remaining in Problem Domain for User Needs - How does it help?

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Remaining in Problem Domain for User Needs - How does it help?

Thu, 30 Sep 2021, 02:00 PM

01:30 hours




Leanpitch Technologies


Anubhav Sinha – Product Coach

Webinar details:

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💡Topic of Discussion

The co-learning and interactive webinar will be focused on Remaining in the Problem Domain? A brief insight on the understanding of user needs? What does the USER of your product/system think? How often do we visit & stay in Problem Space Thinking? What are the sources that can help us to build the exploration capability? Who are the right stakeholders to Validate? How much time should we spend in the Problem Domain?


Key Learning Outcomes / Takeaways - The participants of the webinar will explore with the co-learning webinar space are:


1. A thoughtful example on Product? Solution? Platforms?

2. Example of Remaining in the Problem Domain for - Physical Products and Digital Products / Solutions

3. Exploratory learning from the Physical and Digital Usage of the Product

4. Few real-time examples of the Journey working in the Problem Domain/Space


✨ Facilitator: Anubhav Sinha – Product Coach

(LinkedIn profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/anubhavsinhapo/)


Anubhav is a Product Thinking Space doer, a Global Speaker, and co-creator of the New Product Initiative for a Large Product Enterprise. He works as a Product Coach and Consultant at various organizations for Product Cultural Transformation and Large Scale Agile Transformation. Anubhav is also a co-trainer for the Collaborative Frameworks and Canvas Design using Innovation Games[R] as well as he is a blogger, webinar contributor, and Workshop Designer using the concept of Design the Thinking. Anubhav, personally loves to cook, experiment, and explore various cuisines to serve the user's unmet needs [family].


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Who should attend:

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