Radiology and Imaging Conclave 2021

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Radiology and Imaging Conclave 2021

Thu, 9 Dec 2021, 08:30 AM

05:00 hours




Express Healthcare



Webinar details:

Announcing the third edition of Express Healthcare's Radiology and Imaging Conclave.

Launched in 2018, Express Healthcare's Radiology and Imaging Conclave is back after a year-long absence caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Through a Virtual Format, the third edition aims to look at how this healthcare segment overcame the challenges and came into its own during the pandemic. The upcoming event in December marks two years since the pandemic began as well as the sector's evolution over the past two years as a crucial component of diagnosis. While there were excesses, leading to overuse of imaging, a key question remains: How can radiologists and imaging specialists prepare for the next COVID wave, and future-proof our healthcare system from unknown contagions?

Key themes:
• The Business of Radiology: evolving business models, balancing cost, quality, safety
• New Frontiers in Radiology and Imaging
• Unlikely Partnerships: Embracing the Digital, Role of 3-printing, Influence of VCs/PEs
• Training the next generation of radiologists, radiographers, nurses, etc
• Radiology models in public healthcare

For more information visit the website: https://radiology.expresshealthcare.in/