IMAGINATION - The Mind Workshop | Mindselo

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IMAGINATION - The Mind Workshop | Mindselo

Sun, 29 Aug 2021, 11:30 AM

00:45 hours




Mindselo | India's Fastest Growing Personal Growth Company


Dr. Mukesh Sharma

Webinar details:

"Imagination can be your best tool or worst enemy"

This webinar will change your whole view of seeing the things come and travel the journey of self-growth and evolution with Mindselo's auspicious guest Dr. Mukesh Sharma. Join us to tap into the unexplored possibilities of your imagination and evolve as a supernatural human being in all aspects of your life.

Date: 29th August 2021
Timing: 5.00 Pm

Register for Free: https://bit.ly/Powerful-Imagination-Webinar

You'll be given an important certificate after filling the feedback form given to you during the webinar.
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Mindselo (also known as the school of happiness) is India's fastest growing personal growth company providing the best online courses focused on personal growth and quality of life. They are working on exploring the human possibilities, aspects of personal growth and alternative of the current education system.

Mindselo offers online courses on topics such as relationships, emotional intelligence, the law of attraction and more. Know more about their products and programs at https://www.mindselo.com/

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