How to tell your story to potential employers

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How to tell your story to potential employers

Thu, 19 Nov 2020, 08:00 PM

01:00 hours




Institute of Product Leadership


Connie Kwan

Webinar details:

IMAGINE THIS: You've finally scored that important interview with the VP Product. She asks, why do you want to join this company? You freeze. There are many reasons. It's a great place to work. You're looking for a challenge just like this. The product resonates with you. Guess what? Everyone else says that too. How can you stand out among all the other candidates? What is it about YOU that is unique, and how do you tell that story? 


In this talk, I'll share the 5 questions I ask myself in prep for an interview, so that I can be my true self and uniquely shine in the eyes of the interviewer.

What do you need to bring along?

  • An open mind
  • Curiosity and questions 

 Key Takeaways

  • Find out what hiring managers are looking for when hiring PMs
  • Understand your own storytelling tendencies
  • Build a narrative that is true to yourself and resonates with the employer


Connie Kwan is a Management executive from Silicon Valley with 16 years of Product Leadership Experience spanning blockchain, digital health, energy, hardtech and software (Atlassian, MSFT, CY, SPWR). She is an entrepreneur, advisor, and an active speaker on the topic of product storytelling. She has given talks at Product Management Festival in Zurich, Google Tech Talk, Health 2.0, and Atlassian Summit. Additionally, she has been on panels for Women in Product and Product Pub and was interviewed for a podcast for Practical Product. She has founded 2 startups, and helped many founders craft and deliver their product visions.  She is a master at engaging different audiences through powerful narrative.

Who should attend:

Anyone interested to listen How to tell your story to potential employers.