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How To Break Into Web Development

How To Break Into Web Development

Thursday, 21 January 2021, 6:00PM WEDT

Duration: 2:00 hours
Cost: Free


Expert(s): Vasilika Klimova



Frequency: Once

Webinar details:

Who should attend this free webinar?
All people who would like to switch to Web Development, but need to know: 

  • what web developers do, and who computer geeks are;
  • what are HTML and СSS, and how to work with these programming languages (spoiler: It’s not so complicated);
  • what should you learn in Web Development to increase your salary;
  • how to break into a web development career as a beginner.

Also, during the webinar, you will get a chance to lay out your first page!

So you will get to see whether you like this profession before the Web Development Course starts.

Teacher — Vasilika Klimova, collaborating for more than 10 years as an instructor and mentor in HTMLAcademy, Netology, Moscow Coding School, GeekBrains school, and Loftschool.

January 21st / 18:00 (GMT 1)
Ready to join? It’s free

Please fill out the form on the website, and then let’s dive into the online webinar: https://bit.ly/2Lh2hrS


Who should attend: