How IoT can help organizations achieve their Sustainability & Net Zero goals.

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How IoT can help organizations achieve their Sustainability & Net Zero goals.

Wed, 7 Sep 2022, 12:00 PM

01:00 hours




Zenatix Solutions


Dr. Amarjeet Singh

Webinar details:

Climate change is no longer merely a theoretical concept taught in schools & universities. It’s real, and it’s here. Both governments and businesses are pushing themselves to achieve their sustainability & net-zero goals.

While the COP26 in Glasgow made significant progress in elevating international aspirations and moving the major provisions of the Paris Agreement forward, significant gaps remain. National emission-reduction pledges for 2030 and 2050 fall far short of the 1.5°C targets, and many nations & businesses lack the necessary proof of delivery.

Join Dr. Amarjeet Singh, Co-founder & CTO, Zenatix Solutions on Wednesday 7th September at 5:30 pm IST/4 pm GST to learn more about the current challenges around global climate change, sustainability & net-zero goals, building ratings & regulations as well as the emergence of new-age technological solutions such as IoT-based energy and asset management solutions to help organizations conserve energy and achieve their sustainability goals.

Register for this webinar to learn more about:
💡 Challenges around climate change, Net Zero goals & Sustainability
💡 Basics of Net Zero Buildings, Carbon FootPrints
💡 Government rating & regulations for buildings 
💡 How IoT can help organizations achieve their sustainability goals