Hero's Journey to Leadership

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Hero's Journey to Leadership

Tue, 27 Jul 2021, 02:30 PM

01:30 hours




Roli Kesarwani - Leadership & Transformation Coach

Webinar details:

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💡Topic of Discussion


In Pandemic times the world needs a leader more than ever. Every manager has a dream to reach the leadership role and this deep desire with their passion for their work brings them to understand the route to transform them and encourages them to be consistent on the path, the session of “Hero’s Journey to Leadership” briefly discusses it.


It is said that we must choose the battle to win and the experience and the desire we have may conflict so much that even before we start to walk on the path to reach our goals, we drop the idea and lose out battle. The mindset helps to either make or break the rhythm and this session will light the same.


Key takeaways from the session:

- How can a Hero’s Journey inspire you to start your transformation journey?

- Three phases give clarity to build the mindset to the transformation.

- Three things that help you to be on track of transformation.


Facilitator: Roli Kesarwani - Leadership & Transformation Coach

(LinkedIn profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/roli-kesarwani-coach-pcc-icf/)


Roli is focused to Encourage, Explore, Expand, Enable and Empower (E5) the individuals / Group. With the certification of PCC from ICF, she blends Coaching skills, Positive Psychology, NLP, Design Thinking, and Story Telling tools and techniques is phenomenal for client’s personal and professional transformation of the actions with grace and successfully attain Peak Performance and enjoy ecstatic life. She believes in exponential growth and always walks along with the client.


Roli is a passionate Transformation coach working in the area of Life-Leadership, Career Transition, Women's Enlivenment, Parenting. She consults with her clients guiding them and awakening the inner self, giving them the expertise to handle situations with a sense of confidence. She softly and consistently probes her clients to do deep introspection and think out of the box and tap avenues that they consider as stuck positions and/or challenging areas. She says “It gives me immense happiness when I see my clients allow themselves to transcend and transform from apathy to possibilities and have got an awareness of their capabilities and reached goals."


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