Government Data Center & Infrastructure Summit 2022

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Government Data Center & Infrastructure Summit 2022

Wed, 17 Aug 2022, 04:00 AM

09:30 hours




Express Computer


Industry Experts

Webinar details:

Clearly, the Covid-19 pandemic has underlined the importance of digital technologies in the world today, in a big way. Digital initiatives have always been important, but never have they been more crucial than now.

India’s massive digital transformation, where more data centers are being built to meet the growing demand, emphasizes the importance of building a sustainable and resilient digital foundation that is conducive to empowering the country’s next level of growth.

Currently, the industry is in an exciting time as the government has already announced a number of initiatives to boost the existing data center infrastructure throughout the country. MeitY has announced that it will soon unveil a new draft of its data center policy and engage with relevant stakeholders.

Key Topics to be discussed:
+ Lessons from the masters: From migrating to the cloud to software defining a data center, e-Governance leaders share their perspective on key lessons learnt
+ Solving capacity constraints of SDCs (State Data Centers) using the cloud
+ Using the cloud as a lever for transformation and scaling higher
+ Preparing your data center for the digital revolution: What do you need to do now?
+ Improving energy efficiencies of SDCs
+ Best practices for securing your data center from ransomware and DDoS attacks
+ How to leverage AIOPs to your advantage
+ Building hyperscale data centers
+ Best practices in DR using the power of the Cloud

Who will attend: 
• CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, CXOs, Head of Digital, Head of Automation, Automation Process Experts, VP-IT
• Senior Government IT decision makers from Central and State Government Departments
• IT Heads from various Government Nodal Bodies
• IT Secretaries from Major States
• IT Heads from various departments of States
• Technology Decision Makers from Central Government, State Governments and PSUs
• Head of state Data Centers (SDCs)