Future of ERP is Modular: It's time Testing evolves to keep pace

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Future of ERP is Modular: It's time Testing evolves to keep pace

Tue, 19 Oct 2021, 10:30 AM

01:00 hours




Opkey & Forrester


Pankaj Goel & Diego LoGiudice

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About this webinar

As the pace of business and innovation accelerates dramatically, CIO have started realizing that yesterday's ERP solutions are not keeping up with today’s business and technological demands. They want smarter, best of Breed point solutions to whet their appetite for real time data and analytics

The Future is certainly an integrated platform (or as Forrester calls Digital operations platform) that can be composed and recomposed to deliver customer-defined business capabilities.

This has put the testing into a renewed focus. The older methodologies of testing ERP migrations, implementation and upgrades are going to no longer work and Test Automation for ERP systems have to evolve too

This Webinar discusses how testing must evolve to keep pace with the new realities of composable ERP. The following topics will be discussed
A. How Modular ERPs are re-defining the digital landscape
B. Challenges faced by modern Business and IT teams when it comes to testing and ensuring business continuity
C. How Test Automation can evolve to keep pace with new Age ERPs
D. Demo of How OpKey, #1 continuous testing platform for packaged applications, is helping Fortune 100 enterprises test their ERP systems

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