FREE WEBINAR : NESA Compliance - How it matters

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FREE WEBINAR : NESA Compliance - How it matters

Mon, 14 Sep 2020, 02:00 PM

01:00 hours




Narendra Sahoo

Webinar details:

A key hallmark legislation in the UAE is NESA - NESA stands for National Electronic Security Authority and is a government institution that aims to provide strict guidelines to organizations for keeping their information security capabilities in line with the highest standards to avoid cyber security threats. The compliance requirements are outlined under the UAE IA Standards which require organizations to implement them across their information assets and supporting systems.

Compliance with NESA UAE IA Standard is mandatory for all UAE government entities and other entities identified as critical by NESA as it is an essential facet of the National Cyber Security Strategy and also form as the minimum requirements for integrating the Sector and National platforms.

 In this live webinar, join our inhouse expert - Narendra  Sahoo as he covers:

  • Brief background on the UAE's Cybersecurity Landscape
  • Understanding the scope & objective of NESA Compliance
  •  NESA's IAS Standard & Security Controls
  • NESA Compliance & enforcement penalties
  • What does NESA say about data encryption
  • Preparing for NESA Compliance
  • How can VISTA InfoSec help you achieve Compliance?

Live QnA. Limited seats, FREE registration. Hurry

Sep 15, 2020: UAE time 2-2:40 PM -


Sep 16, 2020: London time 3-30:40 PM


Sep 16, 2020: USA Time 11-11:40 AM


Who should attend:

government entities,All Business