Everything you need to know about Oracle Cloud 22A release

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Everything you need to know about Oracle Cloud 22A release

Tue, 18 Jan 2022, 02:30 PM

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Pankaj Goel

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While Oracle Cloud updates introduce many new features each quarter, they present a significant risk for businesses that do not properly test and QA their instance before the testing window expires. With the 22A release coming in a few short weeks, having a fleshed-out testing plan will help eliminate the risk of your Oracle Cloud account breaking–allowing you to focus on how to take advantage of the new features Oracle has rolled out. While comprehensive testing was widely thought to be too costly and time-consuming for most businesses, Opkey and KPMG are on a mission to change that. Join Pankaj and Shashank as they lend their decades of expertise to help you efficiently navigate this latest quarterly update. In this session you will learn how Opkey helps its customers prepare for the latest Oracle release, focusing on the following points to ensure a successful patch update cycle: 1. Everything their experts have learned about what 22A will impact, and what new features to prioritize 2. How to conduct a full risk assessment of your business processes against the 22A update and understand the unique coverage areas that need to be tested thoroughly 3. How Opkey can help you validate and test your business processes against Oracle Cloud updates 4. Opkey will walk through how its no-code, continuous testing platform can help you ensure 99% test coverage on 22A