EV Vision 2030; Technology, Policies, Challenges and Business Opportunities for Charging Infrastructure and Battery Manufacturing

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EV Vision 2030; Technology, Policies, Challenges and Business Opportunities for Charging Infrastructure and Battery Manufacturing

Fri, 24 Sep 2021, 08:30 AM

03:30 hours


INR 999


Smart Energy Magazine


Mr. Himanshu Jadhav, Mr. Rahil Gupta, Mr. Rana Pratap Patil, Mr. Anup Bandivadekar


Santosh Khadtare- Editor, Smart Energy Magazine

Webinar details:

Electric Vehicles are all set to dominate the future mobility market in India. Establishing a network of charging infrastructure across India is a prerequisite in turning the 2030 EV vision, as identified by NITI Aayog, into a reality. A well established charging infrastructure network will not only aid faster adoption of EVs but will also increase vehicle miles using electricity, relieve range anxiety and reduce inconvenience concerning the charging process. India would need a network of 29,38,000 public chargers to realise its 2030 vision opening up new opportunities for existing and new enterprises to enter into a business that has huge potential. 

The webinar on ‘The Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, the second in the series of webinars on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure and Battery Technology, will lay out in detail the market opportunity offered by this sector, continue the discussion on e-Mobility and e-Mobility charging services, EV customers, technology, solutions, and challenges with developing a charging infrastructure network and vehicle electrification in India. 

The purpose of the webinar is to discuss the upcoming business opportunities and address a range of topics relevant to all stakeholders in the EV charging infrastructure. 

Get actively engaged in the discussion and create meaningful cooperation with the best industry professionals from across India.

Key Topics and Discussions:

  • An Overview of Indian EV Charging Infrastructure Landscape
  • The Evolution of EV Charging Infrastructure
  • EV Charging Business Models
  • Regulatory Framework and Financing Opportunities and Challenges Facing EV Charging Infrastructure
  • Smart and Fast Charging of Electric Vehicles
  • EV Charging Developments: Range Anxiety
  • Present policies and plans for building EV charging infrastructure in India
  • Latest technological developments and solutions to improve customer experience and interaction
  • Trends and projections for e-mobility and charging infrastructures and services
  • Lessons learnt and next steps for public charging
  • Vehicle-to-grid integration
  • Heavy-duty e-mobility and smart charging of electric vehicles for fleet operators
  • Challenges and opportunities associated with developing charging infrastructure network and vehicle electrification

Key Learning Benefits

  • You will learn how to overcome the challenges and understand the opportunities in building a charging infrastructure network and vehicle electrification
  • You will gain insight on how to redefine infrastructure needs in order to fit electric-powered vehicles
  • You will learn how to scale a profitable charging network according to user needs
  • You will get to know the best practices & experiences from Industry professionals
  • You will examine the right approach to EV charging business
  • You will have to gain insight into how to build an efficient and viable EV charging infrastructure in India

Reasons to Attend

  • Gain practical insights
  • Expand your network of top-level business contacts
  • Hear from enthusiastic speakers with a powerful presentation
  • Use this exceptional platform for discussions and debates about then industry challenges
Who should attend:

• CEOs, CXOs, MDs, Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Owners, Manager and stakeholders involved in the EV, Charging Infrastrucutre, Battery Manufacturing, renewable, energy and power, electrical, automobile, software etc industries and EV enthusiasts