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Efficient Data Selection to Accelerate AD Development [E32343]

Efficient Data Selection to Accelerate AD Development [E32343]

Tuesday, 13 April 2021, 2:00PM WEDT

Duration: 00:40 hours
Cost: Free


Expert(s): Mark Pfeiffer



Frequency: Once

Webinar details:

SiaSearch is a tool that significantly simplifies working with large amounts of computer vision data. Especially when developing AVs, large amounts of data are required for model training and system testing. We'll present our data infrastructure, which allows fast data access. We'll show how content information can be extracted from driving data at scale, provide information on our proprietary database technology, and show a live demo of the product for the most common customer use cases and workflows. You'll learn about the importance of efficient data curation and selection and how using suitable technologies can streamline this process. The sessions requires a basic understanding of data-driven development and machine learning infrastructure, however no expert knowledge is required.

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