Drive Impact by Design

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Drive Impact by Design

Thu, 17 Dec 2020, 08:00 PM

01:00 hours




Institute of Product Leadership


Sebastian Gier

Webinar details:

In the talk about “Drive Impact by Design” Sebastian will highlight methods, tools and processes design can help products to be more successful, increase product/market fit faster and improve confidence into the vision both internally and externally.


What do you need to bring along?

  • An open mind
  • Curiosity and questions 

Key Takeaways

  • Designing contextual is key and should not happen in a vacuum
  • Design visions give confidence to the internal and external stakeholders, make a theoretical vision tangible to evolve and help to set business and technology requirements from a strategic and human centred design post.
  • Design experiments should dare to fail to explore new spaces for innovation and explore the unknown


Sebastian Gier is a strategic designer that designs brand-shaping and positive human experience. Besides designing future digital mobility experiences at BMW Group since 2017 he is also running the Designdrives Podcast since 2019 where he interviews design leaders from around the world about the impact of design. He gained many international design recognitions and had the chance to be invited to speak at conferences around the world on design and innovation. In addition to his international work experience in both consulting and in-house studios he gained a Master in Advanced Product Design in Sweden as well as a Bachelor in Industrial Designs at the Folkwang University in Germany.