Decrypting Software Patents: Key Insights for IP Success

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Decrypting Software Patents: Key Insights for IP Success

Thu, 16 Sep 2021, 03:30 PM

01:00 hours




Aurora Consulting LLC and Ann Arbor SPARK


Dr. Ashley Sloat

Webinar details:

Software is eating the world. It’s central to so much of today’s innovation but in terms of patenting it’s socially controversial and legally unsettled. We’ll discuss the dynamics at the core of both and what you need to know about the options for protecting your software-based innovation. We’ll take an international look at how the "world" views AI/ML innovations and also hit on particulars for SaaS and open source software considerations. From an implementation perspective we’ll look at managing code ownership when outsourcing and how iterative agile methodology can impact your patent strategy.​

About the instructor: Dr. Ashley Sloat is the President and Director of Patent Strategy at Aurora Consulting LLC. Ashley is a USPTO-registered patent practitioner who specializes in the development and management of patent portfolios for startup ventures and emerging growth companies. She takes a hands-on approach with each client partnering with Engineering and Management teams to intimately understand each client’s business competition and product vision. Armed with this knowledge, Ashley is able to increase the value of her clients’ patent portfolios while reducing overall legal costs.

About Aurora: We specialize in working with early stage life science, medical​ device, digital health, and software companies to develop valuable patent portfolios through highly tailored comprehensive strategies. We scale with our clients’ needs and deeply understand the nuances of technology and patent strategy and how to tie them effectively to business objectives.​ We are responsive, accessible, and we move at the speed of startup.​ Learn more: https://www.aurorapatents.com/

SPARK.ed Patenting Series

Aurora is partnering with Ann Arbor SPARK to deliver a three part SPARK.ed series addressing the most common patent questions that arise from startups. This is Part 2.

  • You can learn more about the series here: https://www.aurorapatents.com/blog/decrypting-software-patents-key-insights-for-ip-success.
  • And you can check out Part 1 (Patenting in the Early Years: A coming-of-age story) here: https://www.aurorapatents.com/patenting_in_the_early_years-webinar-6-17-21.html
Who should attend:

Inventors, founders, and investors interested in learning how to navigate the complexities of software patenting.