Crash Course: Techniques to Resolve Interpersonal Conflicts

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Crash Course: Techniques to Resolve Interpersonal Conflicts

Wed, 28 Jul 2021, 01:30 PM

03:00 hours


INR 750


Leanpitch Technologies


Smrithii Raghav - Licensed NLP Coach | Behavioral Coach | NLP Coach and Practitioner

Webinar details:

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Conflict is an unavoidable by-product in any social ecosystem especially when you have people with different temperaments, attitudes, and levels of emotional intelligence. Whilst inescapable, misunderstandings can indeed be managed and used as a learning tool to nurture a healthy and productive ecosystem– this of course requires some skill and finesse. As opposed to the popular belief, such dexterity can be coached, or trained using NLP techniques. Individuals can be inspired and equipped with the necessary ammo to consider conflict and dilemmas as a necessary tool in their day-to-day professional (and personal) tool-kit.


In emotionally charged circumstances, most people either overlook the other person’s point of view or trivialize it. Either of these behaviors can be considered as the oxygen that fuels conflict. In the opposite lane, fully acknowledging that a problematic circumstance exists, by being clear and honest, is definitely the way to go. In so doing, you’re familiarizing yourself with the reality at hand, and signaling to the other party that you’re open, non-defensive, and willing to address the problem fair and square.


Among the most serious –and interesting –are moral dilemmas where, usually, doing the ‘right’ thing will involve some potential or actual loss/risk. Some are long-term concerns, perhaps involving thoughts of a much-considered career change. Others are more focused on immediate situations, perhaps a question about whether to raise a complaint with a supervisor. Sometimes dilemmas emerge out of the context of other discussions: you can spot these when a person says something like ‘Well, on the one hand, I want this ...’ or ‘Well, part of me wants one thing but the other part of me wants another....’ In these situations, the facilitator can be of service in the first place simply by bringing the dilemma to the full attention of the client.


💡 Agenda:

Techniques for Solving Interpersonal Conflicts

Fantasy Models: The bare essence of the exercise consists of five carefully worded questions, asked in the following sequence:

1. What is important to you about what you do professionally/for a living?

2. What would you rather be doing professionally/for a living?

3. What is important to you about what you would rather be doing professionally/for a living?

4. Whom do you most admire?

5. What is important to you about this person?


Peak experience technique: The core of the technique is about helping individuals to identify when they were at their essential best in any context of life –some people refer to being in ‘flow’ –and to help them to realize consciously what factors were particularly important to them at these ‘peak’ moments. This knowledge can then feed into their decision-making about particular dilemmas or ‘big issues’ they might be facing.


Parts negotiation and Integration: This technique is one of the classic NLP techniques, it helps the individual achieve congruence by allowing them to go inside themselves and identify the part that wants to do something and the other part that doesn't want it.


This course is for participants who

- Tend to avoid difficult situations

- Have beliefs about themselves but don’t say what they mean in the fear of causing conflict

- Sometimes take what they say the wrong way

- Is making a decision against your will so as to avoid an argument

- Feel anxious when faced with conflict

- Sometimes kick themselves that they didn’t put their view across effectively

- See debate as conflict and know this doesn't help them achieve what they want

- Find themselves just going with the flow rather than speaking up about what they really want

- Find that some people make them feel disempowered and anxious

- Have to manage conflict situations within their team


Key Takeaways

- What is conflict and where does it occur?

- Understanding the dynamics of conflict.

- How to recognize what is going on for you and how to control your emotional state

- How to be clear on what you want from the situation and how seek a positive outcome?

- Understanding the other person’s point of view

- How to empower of yourself


✨ Facilitator: Smrithii Raghav - Licensed NLP Coach | Behavioral Coach | NLP Coach and Practitioner

(LinkedIn profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/smrithii-raghav-b9b8701a8/ )

Smrithii's initial foray into psychology and prompting the mind towards action began over six years ago when she started off her career in Human Resources. She quickly saw the interplay between an individual's ability to become exceptional and how intrinsic language and perception were to their potential success or failure. When she finally decided that her preferred choice of career was in coaching and guiding individuals towards the best versions of themselves, she chose NLP as the way to start talking about and implementing her vision into actionable steps.


In 2018, she gained her certification as a Licensed NLP Coach from the Society of Neuro-linguistic Programming, which she followed with an extensive course on Eriksonian Hypnotherapy, and followed it up with a Master NLP Practioner certification from ICF and ABNLP.


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