Crash Course: Progressing in Cohesive direction using V2MOM

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Crash Course: Progressing in Cohesive direction using V2MOM

Wed, 8 Dec 2021, 01:30 PM

03:00 hours


INR 750


Leanpitch Technologies


Makarand Purohit - Agile Coach @ Sennder

Webinar details:

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The biggest challenge for leaders in today's business world is maintaining a cohesive direction across the organization. Thankfully, frameworks like OKRs, Spotify rhythm, Art of action Strategy briefing, and V2MOM aim to address this. This crash course will explore the V2MOM (Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, Metrics) framework, considered the secret sauce behind Salesforce's success. Simplicity is the biggest strength of this framework.



We will explore the following key questions in the workshop

- What is V2MOM? (and what is it NOT?)

- How is it different from other frameworks? When do I choose one over the other?

- How to cascade the usage of V2MOM across the organization?

- What are the pitfalls that one should be aware of?

- Litmus tests and additional guidance for V2MOM facilitators


✨ Facilitator: Makarand Purohit - Agile Coach @ Sennder 

(LinkedIn profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/makarandpurohit/)

Makarand Purohit has been assisting startups, scale-ups, and enterprises over the last 14 years in their agile journey as a coach. He has been associated with organizations dealing with challenges in the Infotainment, Finance, Automative, Enterprise Security and Food Industries across the globe.


He started his career as an Embedded Systems Engineer and sees himself enabling meaningful interactions between people within an ecosystem now. He works with organizational units to facilitate the emergence of contextually relevant practices. In his current role at SumUP, in Berlin, his focus is on building resilience by strengthening the continuous delivery, product & process, lean management and monitoring, and cultural capabilities.


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