Crash Course: Identifying your Emotional Quotient

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Crash Course: Identifying your Emotional Quotient

Wed, 17 Nov 2021, 01:30 PM

03:00 hours


INR 750


Leanpitch Technologies


Gauri Gopinath - HeadHoncho- NLPAcademy-IN

Webinar details:

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The term emotional intelligence was created by researchers Peter Salovey and John Mayer. It was then made popular to the masses in the mid-’90s by a book called Emotional Intelligence is written by Daniel Goleman. Many people believed that intelligence, or IQ, was what determined success. However, researchers were perplexed when studies found that people with average IQs outperformed those with a higher IQ 70% of the time. Finally, after decades of research, researchers found that emotional intelligence referred to as EQ, critical factor in determining a person’s long-term success.


Emotional intelligence has two major components:

- Intrapersonal skills (personal competence)

- Interpersonal skills (social competence)



What will happen in the workshop?

Developing your EQ requires communication between two parts of your brain: your limbic system, our emotional center, and your prefrontal cortex, or rational thinking center. We will talk more about how this works later, but for now, it’s important to know EQ is like a muscle—the more you use the skill, the more it will develop.


By developing your emotional awareness, you’ll develop your ability to control your own emotions as well as influence the emotions of others. This will lead to an improved ability to problem solve, think creatively, develop relationships, avoid stress and conflict, and best of all, enjoy life more.


Facilitator: Gauri Gopinath - HeadHoncho- NLPAcademy-IN

(LinkedIn profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/gauri-gopinath-5a463630/ )

Gauri Gopinath, a certified EI Master practitioner Life coach, NLP Practitioner, and EDII Master Trainer. She has developed and conducted training courses for different industries in the area of emotional intelligence, professional and career development, program management, leadership management, behavioral management. Gauri has experience of 9 plus years in the development, management, and presentation of training programs and courses. She has worked with corporates in India like BNY Mellon, Motherhood hospitals, and various hotels and colleges.


She is able to deliver high-quality instruction to diverse audiences. Her dynamic personality and expertise command participant interest and involvement. She has trained hundreds of participants enrolled in different Professional Development Series. Participant critiques and client evaluations rate her training highly.


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