Compressed Air Flow Measurement Challenges And Solutions

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Compressed Air Flow Measurement Challenges And Solutions

Wed, 24 Nov 2021, 09:30 AM

01:00 hours




Leomi Instruments Pvt. Ltd.


Manish S. Patel

Webinar details:

In most facilities, compressed air usage typically varies widely throughout the day, from very heavy at times of peak manufacturing to small flows (perhaps due to leakage) when most production is on standby. With more accurate compressed air flow measurements, companies are putting a price tag on compressed air and making educated choices that lead to cost savings.


Compressed air generally uses more electricity than any other type of equipment, and accounts for as much as a third of the energy usage in an industrial facility.  Insertion Style Thermal Mass Flow Meters help measure the airflow and identify leaks in compressor systems, track overall usage to improve plant efficiency and help reduce consumption. This can save thousands of dollars each month in large industrial applications.


However, flow measurement of compressed air could be challenging at times and require technology matching to suit the application.


This session will aim at targeting compressed air flow measurement challenges and will be followed by best practices to overcome those challenges.


This webinar gives you the opportunity to Learn about Optimizing Your Air System.


Please visit leomi.in, to access online registration and for more information about this webinar.


Who should attend:

people from industries like- oil&gas, cement, food, textile, fertilizers, nuclear plant, automobile, steel, pharma, chemicals