Collaboration in the Hybrid workplace: Agnostic and User-centric

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Collaboration in the Hybrid workplace: Agnostic and User-centric

Wed, 29 Sep 2021, 06:30 AM

01:00 hours




Express Computer


Marc A. Rémond, Vice President, Meeting & Learning Experience, Asia Pacific, Barco

Webinar details:

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the IT world has become even more adaptive. In the 'New Normal', collaboration in the Hybrid Workplace is no longer just a 'good to have' concept but a 'must-have' business priority. Organisations need to embrace digital transformation to build business resiliency in the face of the changing dynamics of a digital-first world.

When you think of a hybrid workforce, our minds tend to jump to video conferencing tools and collaboration software. However, an effective hybrid or WFA collaboration is more about people. Collaboration is a purposeful network in which all members of the team strategically aim to accomplish a shared outcome. Today, organisations should consider an amalgamation of structured hybrid-collaborative practices i.e smooth wireless video conferencing systems, central management solutions and robust security which will comprehend the success of their teams.

In order to provide hassle-free hybrid meetings and strategize seamless communication, it is time for the enterprises to adopt collaborative hybrid solutions which provide a fosterly safe workspace and inclusive centralized system. This is extremely important for transforming employee experience.

To understand the immense power and potential of creating a superior employee experience, Express Computer, has partnered with collaboration thought leader, Barco, to host a knowledge webinar that will showcase how technology can be leveraged to create the best workspaces that have the power to open minds, connect with others and encourage active collaboration in a safe work environment.

Why Attend :
+ Learn how to navigate the future of workplaces with best practices
+ Discover the prerequisites of designing a new hybrid workplace
+ Realize how you can elevate employees experience with the right tools and innovations
+ Get deeper insights on creating a hybrid workplace from industry experts.