Cash Simplified – Unlock your Cash Flow to Run a Smarter Business!

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Cash Simplified – Unlock your Cash Flow to Run a Smarter Business!

Sat, 2 Oct 2021, 06:00 AM

01:30 hours




Contetra Universal LLP


CA Vishal Thakkar

Webinar details:


  • Setting Right Price for Profit
    Profit will always be elusive till the price is right. Right price will cover cost, build market perception and bring customer increased value. Find out why getting the right price is the fundamental pillar of business success.
  • To get profit out of every sale
    Unless Fixed Cost is recovered, monthly profit beyond break-even point will never be achieved. Find out why is it essential to break even every month to keep your head above the water and focus on making profit out of every sale done.
  • Improved Cash Flow Management
    A Sale is a gift to a customer until the money is received. The #1 reason why businesses fail is improper cashflow management. Find out why Sales is Vanity, Profit is Sanity but CASH is reality in business.
  • Setting SMARTER Financial Goals
    Financial Goal Setting is a discipline better learnt in class than experience. Unless we budget the future, we are just reacting in business. Find out how to build proactive business by taking maximum advantages of opportunities in store in future.
  • Making Better Financial Decisions
    Data driven decisions differentiates between blind gamblers and smart business owners. Find out why, what gets measured, gets done is the universal truth.
  • Taking Control of Your Finances
    Even a Car is very difficult to be driven without a dashboard. Find out why MIS provides complete control of business to owners and how can they leverage the power of Finance to achieve next level of business growth!
Who should attend:

Entrepreneur, Business Owner or Someone from Business Leadership team, SMEs, Startup Owner, Franchise Owner, Co-founders & Directors

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