Best practices on achieving DevSecOps in the BFSI sector

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Best practices on achieving DevSecOps in the BFSI sector

Thu, 15 Jul 2021, 05:30 AM

01:00 hours




Express Computer


Deepak Sharma, Delivery Head, Addteq APAC

Webinar details:

Due to pandemic and increasing competition finance sector is becoming more consumer centric and leading to digital transformation and because of digital exposure whether its open banking or other it has led to security challenges.

The BFSI sector leads other sectors in terms of digital transformation initiatives, and is often said to be a pioneer in adoption of emerging technologies. However, the quest for building new apps or solutions, is leading to a lot of gaps in security. This calls for an approach which integrates security with software development, so that security is embedded by design in all software solutions. This approach, called DevSecOps, can help firms in the BFSI sector, track all related security changes or vulnerabilities in all the stages of the software development process.

Understanding the critical importance of DevSecOps in the BFSI sector, Express Computer, has partnered with Atlassian, to host a webinar on achieving DevSecOps in the BFSI sector. This webinar will discuss techniques and best practices with the relevant use cases on how organizations can achieve the best out of their DevSecOps journey.

Attend this webinar to find out how you can use the vast potential of DevSecOps to:

+ What is DevSecOps [DevOps vs DevSecOps]
+ Why BFSI need DevSecOps
+ Best practises to achieve DevSecOps using Atlassian tools


+ Deepak Sharma, Delivery Head, Addteq APAC
+ Deepthi Aynumpudi, Technical Account Manager, Atlassian
+ Swapnil Kosare, Marketing Manager, Addteq APAC
+ Himanshu Chettri, Enterprise Architect, Addteq APAC