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Ask Me Anything on PM Certification with Sr. Faculty and Mentor

Ask Me Anything on PM Certification with Sr. Faculty and Mentor

Thursday, 15 April 2021, 9:30PM IST

Duration: 01:00 hours
Cost: Free


Expert(s): SaiSatish Vedam, Subodh Kar


Moderator(s): Shama Betigeri


Webinar details:

Product Management roles are extremely challenging and expect one to have the ability to think on his/her feet, plan and implement robust strategies and tactics. One needs to be extremely proactive and focused to pursue a product management career.

 Successful product management careers don't just happen, and it requires a high level of strategic thinking, self-reflection, and meticulous planning. Here is an opportunity for you to understand what product management careers are all about, and clarify your questions with the faculty/mentor/industry expectations, etc.

Here is What's in Store

  • How do I know if I’m crafted for a product management role?
  • ​Can I perform a product management role without having a relevant designation?
  • Certification or Skills - What do hiring managers look for in a prospective Product Manager?
  • Should I be technically strong to be in Product Management? & Many more such questions….

An exclusive 60 minute Q&A session with the Senior Faculty & Mentor,  to clear all your doubts on product management careers. 

Who should attend: