5G is here, but where's the fibre?

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5G is here, but where's the fibre?

Fri, 8 Oct 2021, 09:30 AM

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Express Computer


KS Rao, CEO - Network Services & Software Business, STL

Webinar details:

India’s digital revolution is set to conquer new heights with 5G coming in place. As data grows at an exponential pace, there is an immense need to upgrade networks to meet the data demand. While the role of fibre in networks of tomorrow is clearly established, the pace of OFC (optical fibre cable) deployment is not at the level that the industry wants.

India is expected to have 197 million 5G connections by 2025 In India, just about 30 per cent of the towers are fiberised at the moment. This has to go up to at least 60 per cent to realise the potential of 45/5G.To meet this demand for deep fiberisation, a paradigm shift is required. Here, Sterlite Technologies Ltd. (STL), wants to join hands with partners to scale up and deliver 5G with hyperscale environment.

STL a global leader in end-to-end network solutions is hence thrilled to invite potential enterprises to be our long-term partners in laying OFC across India. Extensive fiberisation in the front haul and access networks will translate into considerable monetary.

To discuss the huge potential of the market, STL has partnered with Express Computer, an IT business publication from the Indian Express Group, to organize a knowledge webinar, on the biggest benefits of partnering with an expert.

Attend this webinar to understand how you can leverage STL expertise to:
+ Expand your business beyond boundaries while improving execution capability
+ Deliver better quality of network-enabled with Technology to reduce the HOTO timelines
+ Take advantage of flexible deployment models
+ Improve your Return on Investments

+ KS Rao, CEO - Network Services & Software Business, STL
+ Sushil Agarwal, India COO - NSB, STL
+ Anuj Mathur, Head SCM, STL

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