5 ways to succeed as a Digital Product Manager

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5 ways to succeed as a Digital Product Manager

Thu, 23 Sep 2021, 02:30 PM

01:00 hours




institute of product leadership


Anu Ramakrishnan, Director of Product, Applied Cognition

Webinar details:

Digital Product Management is a fast growing field and every industry ranging from consumer-tech to healthcare realizes the value this function can bring to an organization. In this talk, you'll learn about five tried and trusted ways to succeed as a digital product manager and deliver scalable, user-centered products. Anu will review key aspects of product sense and execution spanning across multiple aspects of digital product development - UX, technology and strategy - with real world examples from her product career.  

Key takeaways : 

> 5 ways to succeed as a DPM and build scalable, user-centered products
> "Gotchas" & common pitfalls to be wary of along the way
> Developing a well-rounded skillset to thrive as a DPM

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