How to use AI- powered Education Bots

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How to use AI- powered Education Bots

Thu, 21 Oct 2021, 02:00 PM

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George Hanshaw

Webinar details:

Learn how to use AI-based chatbots to drive enrollments and engage students.

Joining us would be George Hanshaw, Director of eLearning Operations, Los Angeles Pacific University who will be shedding light on how bots and live chat can help the education sector.

Join the webinar on 21st October, 7.30 pm IST, (10 am EST )to discover how to reimagine the customer journey

We will cover:

1. Why do you need bots for education

2. How can Engati help

3. How can you benefit

4. QnA

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Who should attend:

Entrepreneur, CEO, CTO, Small Business owners, Marketers, Product managers, Business Developers

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