“Solving Modern Product Development Problems: By Using Onshape”

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“Solving Modern Product Development Problems: By Using Onshape”

Thu, 16 Sep 2021, 06:00 AM

01:00 hours




Techsaavi India Pvt Ltd, PTC, Redington India Ltd


Mr. Mayur Agare, Channel Technical Manager at PTC

Webinar details:

Product development teams while working on file-based desktop CAD software, often struggle with problems such as lag in collaboration, version incompatibility, software crash downtime, Hardware upgrades, managing and finding the right CAD files, IT overheads, which nothing but makes the overall process, critical and time-consuming reducing the productivity.

To tackle these issues, join this webinar where our speaker of the webinar will highlight how the Modern product development process can be not only cost-efficient but also faster by using Onshape's Unique cloud-based centralized workspace

The speaker of the webinar, Mr. Mayur Agare, Channel Technical manager at PTC, will also explain how the Onshape enables designers and engineers to collaborate securely in real-time with management and manufacturing vendors and others included in the process allowing quick access to every design change over the time. 

let the designers focus only on design, which they are supposed to do.

This Webinar Is jointly organized by Techsaavi India Pvt. Ltd., PTC, and Redington India Ltd.

NOTE: Attend the webinar and get a chance to win an exciting prize*

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Who should attend:

Business owners and decision makers, Technical Director, Head- Design and Development, Design Manager, Technical manager, Head R&D, Product development Head