[Masterclass] Building an Actionable Product Strategy

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[Masterclass] Building an Actionable Product Strategy

Sat, 23 Apr 2022, 04:30 AM

03:00 hours




Nilesh Dalvi


Shama Betigeri

Webinar details:

Expert strategist Richard Rumelt says “The kernel of a good strategy consists of three critical elements: A diagnosis that defines the nature of the challenge, a guiding policy for dealing with the challenge and a set of coherent actions designed to carry out the guiding policy.” Building an impactful product strategy that generates significant value for users, that helps shape product vision into reality, that meets the business goals in alignment with the business strategy/model and that drives product teams to generate actionable outcomes is an important skill for a Product Leader.

As a part of this talk, we will discuss the importance of building a product strategy, steps to develop a tangible product strategy, creation of an internal machinery to create and evaluate its success and how it all comes together to sustain product dominance in the short and long-term. We will also look at a live abridged example of product strategy creation to help clarify the concepts and to drive the message home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why do product organizations fail to deliver or even create product strategies?
  • What are the steps in creating an actionable product strategy?
  • How to ensure an effective feedback mechanism to perform strategic pivots?
  • How to create a strategy that serves well in the near future as well as on the path towards achieving product vision?
  • How to articulate the product strategy for organization-wide alignment?

About the Speaker

Nilesh Dalvi

Senior Manager Product Management


Nilesh is a passionate student of product sciences and an impact-driven product strategist cum leader with a 14 years track record in building, launching and scaling physical and digital products across various business models and stages of the product life cycle. He currently works in a senior product management role at Adobe India solving interesting challenges in the space of digital marketing impacting millions of marketers. He perpetually aims to create products that amalgamate into user’s life experiences gradually transforming them, so much so that the feeling of using a product never occurs to these users. He strongly believes that product management as a function is uniquely poised to optimise the value exchange between the customers and business and aspires to metamorphose this space by sharing his experiences and learning from others. Previously, he has worked with products in established organizations such as Nokia, Oracle and Edgeverve as well as niche startups such as Magicbricks and netCORE Cloud tackling compelling opportunities across domains such as telecommunications, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Loyalty, Workplace Productivity and Real-Estate.