$10,000/M Business Webinar | Branding, Structure, Product Pricing, Marketing & Sales

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$10,000/M Business Webinar | Branding, Structure, Product Pricing, Marketing & Sales

Fri, 1 Oct 2021, 07:00 AM

03:00 hours


USD 24.95


Jose Silvera


Jose Silvera

Webinar details:



I know how you feel... I thought it was impossible. However, I never surrendered, I kept working hard every day.


Now, my business is averaging $30k a month and we keep growing consistently. But I used to wonder "How can someone make $10k a month with their business? That's a lot of money!"


And apparently, it is! Let me explain 👇


In fact, research from the Small Business Revenue Statistics shows that small businesses with no employees have an average revenue of $46k/y.

But Hey... hold on a second, does that mean it's impossible and we should all quit on our dreams and businesses?


Of Course Not My Friend! There's A Solution For This Dilemma!


The $10K A Month Webinar 💲🔟K


What? Yeah, you read that right, $10K/M Webinar!


Now, you are probably wondering, what the heck is the $10K/M Webinar? Well to keep it short, is the webinar that will teach you everything you need to learn about business to reach that $10K+/month goal.


But let's be more precise now so you get it 😉


I'm talking about, 1 weekend, 3 hours a day, 100's of entrepreneurs and business owners, learning how to make $120,000k/y with their businesses... If that sounds Bad*** is because it is 😎

Wai WAi WAIT! There's More! These Are Some Of The Things You'll Learn:

🏗 Brand & Structure Your Business For Success
💰 Price & Bundle Your Products To Make More $$$
📢 How & Where To Market Your Products
🤝 Sell & Close Deals Like A Ninja Serial Killer

And Much More!


Starting at only $24.95! 😱


OMG! Just telling you all that got me excited about it! Good thing I'll be there teaching the webinar so I can't miss it! Haha!


But hey, you can get a ticket for yourself too... How? Oh yeah, sorry I forgot to tell you how to buy them 😅 (It happens all the time)


Just tap on the "ATTEND WEBINAR" button below 👇


Or... You can just not learn any of this and possibly keep struggling with your business... Hey,  Your Choice! I'm just saying, and hey I get it, some people like making little money with their businesses 🤣🤣


Nah I'm kidding, who likes that, right? And besides, you look like you are more into Bad*** Business stuff.



Who should attend:

New Business Owners Or Business Owners Making Less Than $10,000 A Month In Revenue