The Name:
The name "WebinarKhoj" is a combination of two words - "Webinar" and "Khoj". 

Webinar is the term used to describe a seminar conducted over Internet. Khoj is a Hindi language word that in English translates to discovery, finding, search and detection as per the case. 

Hindi Language is a popular language spoken in a lot of Indian States and is also one of the twenty two Official languages of India. Hindi is written in Devnagri Script. 

Why WebinarKhoj?
Webinarkhoj is a global platform that helps make a connect between the people interested in disseminating knowledge by conducting Webinars and the people keen on enriching themselves by participating in Webinars on topics of interest to them. The posting of Webinars on Webinarkhoj is Free and the access to the information on Webinars is also Free of cost to make it easier for everyone to come and make use of the Platform.